Sunday Nature Stills – 5/20/2012

Theme: Sun and eclipse

1- This is the sun on May 13th.  The sun has been fairly active recently and you can clearly see sunspots.  The larger spot is about the size of the earth. I took this image with the sun directly overhear to minimize atmospheric distortion.

2-This is the sun partially eclipsed this evening.  You can see that the large sun spots are still there, but they have moved and changed shape and size.  You can see that this image is not as sharp as image #1 because it was shot late in the day at a lower angle (through more atmosphere).

3-Maximum extent of the eclipse on May 20th from central CA.

Michael Fuchs 052012 (1)

Michael Fuchs 052012 (2)

Michael Fuchs 052012 (3)