Sunday Nature Stills – 04/14/2019

I photographed this little green Pacific Chorus Frog in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains in Central California.  These little frogs are actually quite common with a habitat that spans most of the lower Pacific coast of North America.  It always surprises me when I see or hear them in the winter (even when it is snowing) or at high elevation in the mountains.  They are certainly hardy little animals.

Sunday Nature Stills – 04/07/2019

These are Giant Clams that I photographed on the Great Barrier Reef. These Giant Clams live in warm shallow waters in the south pacific. They can grow quite large (several feet), but most of these are less than a foot across. They are filter feeders and are open most of the day. They close very quickly if startled or if a shadow moves over them.

One of the most interesting things about these clams is that each one is a different color and pattern. Some are bright colored, others have intricate patterns, and some are relatively plain.