Sunday Nature Stills – 03/15/2020

I’d like to go back to the Serengeti someday.  It had an interesting feeling there that I didn’t expect; it had a soft, warm, comforting feeling, and yet at the same time, it had a feeling of tension.  It sure is a cool place.  The wildlife diversity/density in east Africa is pretty amazing. I took this image on the western side of the Serengeti.  The tall grass and acacia trees were all full of life at every turn.

Sunday Nature Stills – 02/23/2020

I took this over/under water photograph in a fast-moving arctic river near the Yukon/Northwest Territory border.  The water clarity in the arctic rivers was interesting; some of the rivers were completely muddy and filled with thick sediment while other rivers were crystal clear.  The vegetation in this area was a combination of tundra and scrubby small deciduous trees.  The area is a neat, rough landscape.