Sunday Nature Stills – 09/25/2022

I love the color of Gold Dust Day Geckos.  They are native to Madagascar, but they are now very common on many Pacific Islands.  They have a nice, mild personally and love to eat most types of sweet fruit and even honey.  It is also interesting that they don’t have eyelids, and therefore they can’t blink.  When they need to clean their eyes, you will sometimes see them licking their eyes.  It’s neat how many different permutations there are in nature.

Sunday Nature Stills – 09/11/2022

I photographed these wild blueberries along a remote stretch of the Denali Highway.  Despite the name, the Denali Highway is a 130 mile long muddy dirt road that runs east to west across central Alaska.  It winds between lakes and cuts through some beautiful landscape.  In late summer, the open expanses of glacier formed rolling hills are covered in tasty ripe blueberries.  It’s a pretty place.

Sunday Nature Stills – 08/21/2022

I photographed this little feather duster worm off the east coast of Australia in the protected waters of a coral cay.  When you swim up to them, they tend to quickly retract in a flash, but if you patiently stay in one place for a while, they start to come out to feed on drifting plankton.  This one is relatively small at only about 3/4 of an inch across. I like how delicate they are. The amount of small life in coral reefs is impressive.