Sunday Nature Stills – 01/12/2020

This is a large grizzly bear that I photographed catching salmon near Hyder, Alaska.  During the salmon run, the water is completely full of fish.  Many steams and small rivers have several types of salmon spawning at the same time, and it’s interesting to watch how selective the bears are in picking what salmon they want to catch.  We spent over an hour watching this particular bear.  The salmon in this area can reach 40-70 lb.  It was pretty impressive to see how easily this bear could catch salmon that weighed 50 lb or more.

Sunday Nature Stills – 12/15/2019

This is a little Amargosa Vole that I photographed along the California coast.  We seem to be noticing them more often than in previous years.  They can dig quite a network of tunnels, and are an important contributor to the food chain.  They are quite timid and require some patience and a bit of luck to photograph.  It is neat what you find when you slow down a bit and look at the natural details around you.