Sunday Nature Stills – 02/23/2020

I took this over/under water photograph in a fast-moving arctic river near the Yukon/Northwest Territory border.  The water clarity in the arctic rivers was interesting; some of the rivers were completely muddy and filled with thick sediment while other rivers were crystal clear.  The vegetation in this area was a combination of tundra and scrubby small deciduous trees.  The area is a neat, rough landscape.

Sunday Nature Stills – 02/02/2020

This is a beautiful remote spot where we camped several nights about 150 miles south of the arctic circle in the Yukon.  One afternoon, the sun broke through the clouds and made a super brilliant double rainbow. The vail of rain that was producing the rainbows was quite close to us and falling in the trees on the other side of the rocky clearing where we were camped.  Of all of the double rainbows that I have seen, this one seemed a little different; for whatever reason, the area between the rainbows was much darker than the rest of the surrounding sky. It looked like a dark grey strip in the sky with rainbows on either edge.