Sunday Nature Stills – 02/17/2019

I’ve been experimenting more with taking photographs simultaneously over and under water.  I like that there is a hidden world just under the surface of the water.  Although underwater images are often very interesting on their own, I find that an underwater scene can sometimes lack context and scale.  I like to see what is under the surface and at the same time see the overall environment.

Sunday Nature Stills – 02/03/2019

It is interesting what you find when you slow down a bit and look at the natural details around you.  This is a neat rodent path that was running through tall coastal grass.  It was probably made by an Amargosa Vole or some other field mouse.  This was in a small grassy area on the top of a hill overlooking a rocky beach along the California coast.  I like the structure of the path with the overarching tunnel.  It’s evident that the path is used often.  Not only is traveling the same path consistently a convenient way for the animal to travel through the grass, but the overhead structure probably provides some protection from being seen by predators.