Sunday Nature Stills – 02/17/2019

I’ve been experimenting more with taking photographs simultaneously over and under water.  I like that there is a hidden world just under the surface of the water.  Although underwater images are often very interesting on their own, I find that an underwater scene can sometimes lack context and scale.  I like to see what is under the surface and at the same time see the overall environment.

Sunday Nature Stills – 09/04/2016

I took this photograph earlier this week in Oregon.  It’s a little tricky, in an image like this, to get the exposure right above and below the water at the same time.  I had the camera in the water with the water surface right in the middle of the lens.  The water level is also constantly changing as the water flows around the camera, so there is lot of trial and error involved with getting a nice perspective both above and below.  I like the way the light on the bubble filled waterfall made the water glow.

Michael Fuchs 090416 (1)