Sunday Nature Stills – 02/18/2018

I like the delicate detail in small creatures.  There is so much diversity out there.

P.s. I think camouflage in nature is amazing.  I like the way the little Baby Sculpin blends into its tide-pool surroundings in the third image.


Sunday Nature Stills – 02/11/2018

I love all the climate zones that are produced by mountains.  I think the local wet and rain shadow areas around mountains are fascinating, but I also really appreciate the vertical gradient of climates from the base to the peaks.

Sunday Nature Stills – 02/04/2018

A good friend of ours gave my wife this orchid for my wife’s birthday.  I was excited to have the opportunity to photograph the delicate flowers blooming.  I always enjoy shooting plant time-lapse videos.  It’s so interesting to see the slow movement and flexing of plants.  This time-lapse is composed of images that I shot over a 60 hour period.  The orchid is a Younghome Golden Leopard.