Sunday Nature Stills – 3/24/2013

Just one photo this week.

These two young lion cubs were waiting for their mother to return. The mother lioness hid them in tall grass before she went out to hunt.

The cubs hid surprisingly well and stayed out of sight while she was away.  The mother was actually very thin and might have been struggling to support her cubs.  Serengeti, Africa.

Michael Fuchs 032413

Sunday Nature Stills – 3/10/2013

Just one image tonight.

This is a long exposure photo that I took at night under a nearly full moon  You can see a slight hint of the sunset over the horizon on the right with the bright moonlight over the mountains on the left.  The moonlight was soft and even, but it still cast a shadow over the sand dunes from passing clouds.

The location is the Eureka Dune field in Death Valley.

Michael Fuchs 031013