Sunday Nature Stills – 07/25/2021

I took this photograph at about midnight just north of the artic circle in the Yukon.  We were camped on the ridge of a hill overlooking this valley.  It was a really pretty place, but a cold wind was whipping down the valley all night.  This view is facing east with the midnight sun just above the northern horizon. It’s neat to experience the midnight sun of the arctic summer.

Sunday Nature Stills – 07/11/2021

I love the crazy antics of California quail in the summer.  It’s funny how they try to hide in the undergrowth, and yet they constantly call attention to themselves.  They seem so vulnerable; it’s surprising that they have survived as long as they have.  I guess they are an important part of the food chain, so it all works out.  Regardless, I think they are quite entertaining.

Sunday Nature Stills – 06/06/2021

This is a cute little tide pool crab that I photographed along the California coast.  I’m not sure what type of crab it is, but they seem to have a wide range of slight shell pattern and color variations.  This one is very small.  The whole crab is about the size of your fingernail.  They are really shy when you first come to a tidepool, but after a while they come out into the shallow water and are actually curious if you sit still for a while.