Sunday Nature Stills – 02/28/2021

I’m impressed that salmon can find their way back to the river system that the hatched in.  They have such an interesting lifecycle.  I like that many types of salmon put on a burst of color as they near the scheduled end of their lifespan.  I’m always surprised by the variety of creatures in the world. I took this photograph of a salmon run in a small stream tributary of the Chilkat River north of Haines, Alaska.

Sunday Nature Stills – 01/10/2021

We went on a walk late one afternoon along the shore of a beautiful little lake in eastern Alaska near the Canada border.  On our walk, we noticed a tree had been freshly chewed by a beaver.  After dinner, we went on the same walk, and the tree had been cut through in just an hour or so.  The next morning, we went back to the same spot, and the tree was completely missing with only scuff marks in the leaf litter leading down to the lake.  It was neat to see the progress of the little beaver doing its thing.