Sunday Nature Stills – 04/11/2021

This is a very grouchy Cowtail Stingray that I photographed in the Great Barrier Reef.  They are quite large with meaty, thick bodies.  They can reach nearly 6 feet wide, but this one had a 4 to 4.5 foot span.  There were quite a few in the area where I took this photograph; you can see several in the background.  I think they are really neat, but I had to be a bit careful getting too close because they would raise their tails and point their serrated spine forward at me.  They are very cool animals, but not something that you want to accidently step on. When wading through the water, you feel like you are in a bit of a prehistoric minefield.

Sunday Nature Stills – 03/28/2021

I was shooting photographs along a muddy tributary of the Chilkat River north of Haines, Alaska, and I noticed a very clear area in the river.  After investigating a bit more, it turned out to be a rocky spring coming up through the middle of the river.  The strong flow of clear fresh water was rising up in the river making a perfectly clear area about 15 feet in diameter.  As I watched the area, Salmon would pass through and stop in the clear spring water for a minute.  It was an interesting area.