Sunday Nature Stills – 10/31/2021

As we were settling into a camp spot along the Tonsina River in Alaska one evening, I could hear crunching dry leaves in the nearby forest.  We always kept a close eye on things in case a bear, wolf, or moose came into our camp area (it had previously happened), but in this case it turned out to be several little rabbits that were after the grass on the edge of our camp spot.  That particular evening was really memorable for some reason.  It was the first night in months were it actually got dark at night.  We also shared our camp spot that night with a nice older French couple that had driven all the way from Tierra Del Fuego.  Traveling is cool in the way it leaves you with so many unique memories.

Sunday Nature Stills – 10/17/2021

This was a super heathy Impala that I photographed in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania.  Our guide that day made fun of me for taking a few minutes to watch the Impala and take a few photographs.  I guess most people when they visit Africa just want to see the larger animals, but I equally enjoyed spending time with this healthy and happy little Impala.  It seemed totally content with its place in the world at that moment, and that’s about all I can ask for any creature.

Sunday Nature Stills – 10/03/2021

Last Wednesday, Kīlauea became active again and started to fill the Halemaʻumaʻu crater with a fresh lake of lava.  Thursday evening after work, we drove over to see what was visible from the north rim of the caldera. It was windy and raining, but the glowing lava lake lit everything in an interesting red light. Every few minutes, you could see a momentary glimpse of lava as a fountain sprayed into view above the rim of the crater.  It was a pretty interesting scene.