Sunday Nature Stills – 08/23/2020

We ran across this big beaver in an arctic pond near the Ross River in the Northwest Territory, Canada.  We camped on the bank of the pond for a few days waiting for the river to be passable. It was nice to spend some time and watch this beaver busily working on its pond.  Every once and a while it would announce its territory by slapping the water with its tail and make a big splash.

Sunday Nature Stills – 08/16/2020

It’s fun to sit and watch the Elephant Seals that congregate along the California coast in the winter and spring. Specifically, it’s entertaining to watch some of them peacefully sleeping on the beach while others slither around fighting with each other.  It’s quite a spectacle.

As a crazy side note, I have read that Elephant Seals dive to depths of 5,100 ft when hunting and sometimes dive significantly deeper than that.  Pretty amazing.