Sunday Nature Stills – 10/30/2016

Some astrophotography images tonight. I really like trying to take space images. Not only is it a technical challenge, but I really appreciate the uncomfortable philosophical feeling of the vastness of space and now small everything here on earth really is.

I took all these images using a normal camera and a telephoto lens. You can find details of how I stack space images on a previous post here.

1) Orion Nebula (1,344 light years from earth)
2) A meteor
3) The Moon
4) The Pleiades (425 light years from earth)

Michael Fuchs 103016 (1)

Michael Fuchs 103016 (2)

Michael Fuchs 103016 (3)

Michael Fuchs 103016 (4)

7 thoughts on “Sunday Nature Stills – 10/30/2016

    1. Thanks for the comment. These are digital color images. I sometimes feel that the shape and composition of the images is better represented without color, so I occasionally change the images to gray-scale, but in general I always shoot color images.


    1. These images are a bit more technically challenging than most of my other photographs, but I think they turn out pretty interesting. I like the idea that the light in the Orion image is 1,300 years old. It doesn’t even look like that anymore, but we will never get to know what it looks like right now. The distance and time are pretty interesting.


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