Sunday Nature Stills – 12/12/2021

Sadly, the large number of inexpensive consumer drones available has made low level aerial photography a bit ubiquitous these days, but I still very much enjoy taking aerial photographs by hand from manned aircraft.  I like that you can see all the variations in a landscape that are not obvious from the ground.  I love the patterns and geometry when looking down from overhead.  There sure is a lot of variety in this world.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Nature Stills – 12/12/2021

  1. I agree with you, Michael, about the pleasure of capturing aerial views. Always when I flew from NM to the East or West coast, I sat in a window seat gazing below as long as possible.
    Mildred, a friend of your Mom’s who shared this blog and your Marvelous 2022 calendar with me.


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