Sunday Nature Stills – 01/24/2016

I always enjoy watching the sea otters along the central California coast.  I’m impressed that they are completely at home in crashing waves along the rocky coast. They are sometimes hard to photograph because they move fast and only surface for a short time, but every once and a while, they get curious and will come close to check me out when I am photographing seascapes.  They are always a nice surprise to find along the coast.

Michael Fuchs 012416 (1)

Michael Fuchs 012416 (2)

Michael Fuchs 012416 (3)

Michael Fuchs 012416 (4)

3 thoughts on “Sunday Nature Stills – 01/24/2016

  1. I see such wonderful textures in your photos. The patterns in the water made by the sea otters’ movements would be great captured in a quilt.


  2. Love your photography. I try to find the sea otters when we visit Morro Bay every year…sometimes they are elusive. They weren’t there at Thanksgiving.


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