Sunday Nature Stills – 02/03/2019

It is interesting what you find when you slow down a bit and look at the natural details around you.  This is a neat rodent path that was running through tall coastal grass.  It was probably made by an Amargosa Vole or some other field mouse.  This was in a small grassy area on the top of a hill overlooking a rocky beach along the California coast.  I like the structure of the path with the overarching tunnel.  It’s evident that the path is used often.  Not only is traveling the same path consistently a convenient way for the animal to travel through the grass, but the overhead structure probably provides some protection from being seen by predators.

Sunday Nature Stills – 01/27/2019

Every winter when the weather turns cold for the first time in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Anna’s hummingbirds come down to stay in the lower elevation areas where the weather is milder.  I photographed this flashy little male Anna’s hummingbird in a winter bare peach tree. I like that you can see pollen on its beak from a recent flower that it visited.

Sunday Nature Stills – 01/13/2018

In the past, I have had a frustrating relationship with these cute little Botta’s Pocket Gophers. They can be quite destructive to gardens, lawn, and fruit trees.  However, they are a native species, and they are important to the balance of the ecosystem, so over the years I have come to appreciate them as wild animals.  Their short attention span makes them quite entertaining to watch; within moments they forget that you are nearby.

Click on the image to go to the video.

Sunday Nature Stills – 12/30/2018

I took this photographer as I was returning to the surface after a dive.  I noted that it had begun to rain, and I liked the perspective of the raindrops hitting the surface as viewed from underneath.  It was just a spontaneous image I took.

As a side note,  I currently don’t SCUBA dive.  I take all of my underwater photos while holding my breath and free diving.  Free diving can be a lot more physically challenging, and dive time is very limited, but it is also a lot more free without all the tanks and other equipment.