Sunday Nature Stills – 04/19/2020

Warthogs are so awesome.  I super like their quirky personalities.  I took this photograph in Tanzania in an area that had quite a few warthogs.  The afternoon that I photographed this momma warthog and baby, we clocked another warthog running almost 30 miles an hour along the side of our Landcruiser.  It’s funny to see them run through tall grass because you can see their tail sticking straight up as they run.  It’s also interesting to watch them eat and drink because they can’t bend their necks very well, so they kneel to get closer to the ground.  They are cool creatures and have a ton of personality.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Nature Stills – 04/19/2020

  1. I’m surprised that their bodies evolved to require kneeling to eat or drink. Seems like that would leave them more vulnerable to predators while they are busy with heads down!


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